How Do I Become a Documentum® Developer?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King
Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Documentum® developers are computer scientists who develop software used to manage the content of documents at businesses. They strive to store data from across different sectors of their organizations to improve the collaboration and accessibility of information, as well as to make sure that all necessary records are present for meeting various company and government regulations. A person who would like to become a Documentum® developer should complete four years of training after high school along with an advanced education program and industry certification requirements.

If you wish to become a Documentum® developer, you need to study information systems or computer science in a bachelor’s degree program, which typically takes four years to complete. You must fill out an enrollment application for the school in which you are interested, as well as submit your high school diploma or the equivalent certification. The training institution also may require you to turn in the results of any standardized tests that you have taken as well as your transcript of high school classes.

Computer technology courses will introduce you to the types of programs with which you must work in this field. You must know how to create computer systems that store pieces of written communication if you want to become a Documentum® developer, so mastering classes on software development processes is critical. Classes also cover how to use various programming languages to create systems and test them to make sure that they operate at their optimum levels. Some training institutions additionally require you to complete a practicum, which you can do at a local information technology consulting company, to gain hands-on experience in this industry.

In addition to earning your four-year degree, some job roles demand that you complete graduate school. This is because the software development field is complex and if you want to become a Documentum® developer, you have to be comfortable with solving technical computer program problems as well as leading team members in a supervisory position. Completing a master’s degree program takes about two years, and you should be prepared to complete a capstone research project that requires you to write a complex computer program before you can earn your degree.

Obtaining industry certification also is necessary to be hired by certain employers in this career area. This involves passing a document management qualifying exam through the maker of the specialty software products. You also should plan to complete continuing education seminars to keep your knowledge of these computer programs up-to-date as you seek to become a Documentum® developer.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer