How Do I Become a Design Technician?

N. Madison

As with many jobs, you will typically need a college degree — ideally in design technology or a related degree program — to become a design technician. Many employers hire people with associate’s degrees for this entry-level job, but earning a bachelor’s degree may help you become a more competitive job candidate. You also may use an internship to help you prepare for a design technology career and gain references you can use for applying for a job. Additionally, you will need skills important for this type of job, including those that involve communicating, designing with a computer, calculating, measuring and problem solving.

Design technicians often study mechanical engineering and computer-aided design.
Design technicians often study mechanical engineering and computer-aided design.

You will typically need post-secondary education to become a design technician. You don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to land this job, though, because many employers hire applicants with associate’s degrees. You may do well to seek a degree in design technology to prepare for this job, but a closely related major also may prove acceptable. It is typically important that the degree program you choose includes such subjects as computer-aided design and mechanical engineering.

The courses included in a design technician degree program will likely vary from institution to institution and depend on the type of design technology degree you seek. For example, the courses you take to earn a mechanical design technology degree will differ somewhat from those you take to earn an interior design technology degree. Examples of the courses you may take in pursuit of one of these degrees include those in drawing for design, project management, color and design, design materials, and elements of machine design. You also may take classes in such subjects as psychology, business practices and communication in preparation for this career.

You may find it helpful to participate in a design internship as you prepare to become a design technician. Such an internship will likely help you to gain hands-on experience that you can use in your career. You also can develop contacts that may help you to land a first job this way, and the people with whom you work as an intern may even consider hiring you once you graduate from your design technology program.

There is a range of skills you are likely to need when you want to become a design technician. You will typically need to listen and absorb information well and have the ability to communicate well with others, both verbally and in writing. Mathematics and computer skills are usually required, as are the ability to make good choices and solve problems. Additionally, an eye for design and critical-thinking skills are usually important when you want to become a design technician.

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