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How Do I Become a Delivery Technician?

M. Kayo
M. Kayo

Delivery technicians typically work for health care companies or medical organizations that pick-up or deliver medication, medical equipment, and supplies to home health care patients. A high school diploma or the equivalent, a current driver's license and a clean driving record is typically all you need to become a delivery technician. Due to the type of work involved, you may need to have skills other than driving, such as the ability to navigate your way around town, work with basic tools, and relate to people in difficult situations. This job may also be physically demanding at times, so applicants should be in good physical condition. If you are able to perform all of these duties and more while maintaining a cheerful disposition in just about any situation, you may be ready to become a delivery technician.

Pharmacies, home health care providers or medical equipment companies all use delivery technicians, so you may want to start looking there for potential employment opportunities. For insurance reasons, employers may require that technicians be at least 18 years of age. Expect some employers to conduct a complete background check before they hire you.

A man delivering a package.
A man delivering a package.

Working for a pharmacy will likely involve driving a vehicle to deliver medications or medical supplies. If working for a large home health care company, you may be required to have a commercial drivers license (CDL) with various endorsements for driving a large tanker truck or transporting hazardous materials. The duties of this position vary widely for each employer so be sure to get all the details when applying to become a delivery technician.

The physical demands of a delivery technician may include loading and unloading heavy equipment, transporting loads over long distances up stairs or in elevators, and climbing ladders to install or check various types of medical equipment. If you want to become a delivery technician, you may be required to lift objects that weigh as much as 60 lbs (27.2 kg) or more. Some technicians may also need additional training to properly clean or make simple repairs on in-home medical equipment. Depending upon your specific duties, some employers provide additional training and will help you acquire the certifications necessary to handle specialized medical equipment.

Dealing with ill and sometimes stressed patients along with all the other duties associated with this job will require some well-developed people skills. Those who benefit the most from a technician's cheerful and helpful disposition are the home health care patients who see them on a regular basis. The right attitude may be one of the most important requirements for those who want to become a delivery technician. Maintaining professional composure while responding to emergency calls after hours may present a challenge for some. Working closely with people may also mean reporting unsanitary conditions, unsafe home care environments or any signs of patient physical abuse.

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    • A man delivering a package.
      By: AVAVA
      A man delivering a package.