How Do I Become a Construction Auditor?

YaShekia King

Construction auditors are individuals who analyze trade companies’ financial documents to make sure that their processes for recording and reporting monetary activities are legitimate. These people must pay strong attention to detail and enjoy working with numbers when working for organizations that handle construction projects. A person who seeks to become a construction auditor needs to complete four years of college as well as complete an internship. He or she also should pursue certification in the industry to improve his or her possibilities of finding a job.

Becoming a construction auditor requires an individual to have experience in the construction industry.
Becoming a construction auditor requires an individual to have experience in the construction industry.

If you would like to become a construction auditor, you need to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree in finance or business. Requirements to get into this type of training program include filling out your chosen institution’s enrollment application and turning in your high school diploma or the equivalent certification. In addition, the college should ask you for your standardized exam results and your high school transcript.

Accounting-focused classes teach you the skills that you need to thrive in this career field. Your instructors should teach you how to read a company’s financial statements because, when you become a construction auditor, you will be responsible for making sure that these documents and invoices are precise. You also have to draft reports on your financial research findings, so honing your written communication skills while in your college program is mandatory.

Gaining field experience through an internship makes you attractive to companies and builds your confidence to work in this line of work. Your instructors or career services office can point you to a business that will allow you to take on duties to sharpen your skills. This type of work site gives you the chance to make sure that invoices are coded correctly so that tax and accounting activities are handled in a way that allows the organization to comply with government regulations — duties that you must perform when you become a construction auditor.

Earning certification in this industry makes you more employable. You can become certified by institutes after taking and passing a test on legislation related to auditing and taxes. In addition, you have to complete continuing education requirements by attending courses offered by institutes in this line of work. Reading about new developments in this career area through field publications as well as participating in college courses additionally keeps you abreast of changes in the job area. When you become a construction auditor, you can apply this new knowledge to your employment position, helping to keep your organization competitive.

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