How Do I Become a Chess Tutor?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley
Pieces for chess.
Pieces for chess.

Several steps might be taken if you would like to become a chess tutor. Having a thorough, solid understanding of the game is essential. You might also consider taking a class on the knowledge needed to become a chess tutor. Creating a resume of skills, rank, and championship titles is typically a good idea also. Tutors are needed in a variety of locations, so you will want to decide whether you would like to work in the public or private sector.

If you want to become a chess tutor the first thing you should do is advance your skills. People will typically turn to you for tips and advice on making their own games better, so you should generally have quite a bit of experience yourself. For many, this means years of playing, reading, and studying. Your skills and knowledge will likely be two factors used to determine your salary.

When clients consider you for a tutor position, they typically want to see your qualifications. Having a resume is generally a good thing if you choose to become a chess tutor, which should include your years of play. Also, any championships you have won, special titles, and rank are good things to consider adding. Many regions have an organization that has a rating system within the chess world to rank players based on their performance.

In addition to technical skills, your resume should typically include other areas of strength as well. If you are working to become a chess tutor, you will want to develop your communication and customer service skills. You will generally be working with a wide range of people, and having the social skills necessary to handle that will be important.

Some people choose to complete a course to help them become a chess tutor. These courses are typically offered by chess organizations, clubs, or tutoring agencies. If you prefer working for yourself, a class by an independent organization might be better suited to you. An agency might train you to more specifically fit its style of teaching.

You might also need to decide whether you would like to work for yourself as a private tutor or work with the public at an agency or in schools and community centers. Private tutors have the flexibility of choosing their clients, work hours, and rates. Those that work in agencies or community facilities might experience a few constraints as far as who they take as clients or the hours they work.

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    • Pieces for chess.
      By: Jose Manuel Gelpi
      Pieces for chess.