How do I Become a Certified General Accountant?

Misty Amber Brighton

An accountant can provide valuable financial advice to businesses and private individuals. In order to become a certified general accountant, you should first obtain a bachelor's degree in accounting. After that, you should study for any licensing exams that are required in your jurisdiction. Look for jobs in accounting firms or advertise your services to the public if you plan to go into business for yourself.

Certified general accountants get their licenses by passing an exam.
Certified general accountants get their licenses by passing an exam.

Visit local colleges to find out more about their accounting programs. Look for a school that offers a four-year program in order to prepare you to become a certified general accountant. Find out about the subjects that are offered during your course of study. Classes in tax preparation, financial planning, and general accounting can all be helpful in your future endeavors.

Many countries require you to pass a licensing exam before you can become a certified general accountant. If this is the case, find out as much as you can about the examination in order to prepare for it. Look for a study guide at your local library and if one is unavailable, you may want to contact the organization that administers the test to see if one exists. Ask other people who have recently taken this exam to help you study for it if possible.

Once you are licensed, you are ready to become a certified general accountant. Prepare a portfolio for potential employers which includes your resume, a copy of your license, and college transcripts. If you are able to secure letters of recommendation from professionals who are already working as a general accountant, include those in the portfolio as well.

Being multi-lingual can help you become a certified general accountant. If you speak more than one language, look for jobs in organizations that either do business in other countries or have their headquarters in another jurisdiction. Be sure to include the languages you speak and how long you have been fluent in them on your resume.

Keep your skills fresh while you are looking for work. Many organizations may require you to take a test before you can be hired. Stay up-to-date on any software changes so you will be prepared for employment when you are asked to test for a position in this industry. Keeping abreast of changes in accounting laws, especially those that pertain to taxes, can also be beneficial to you if you are called for an interview.

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