How Do I Become a Certified Financial Manager?

Whitney Leigh White

Many people who become a certified financial manager obtain a job in a bank or some type of investment business. Even if a certified financial manager chooses not to work for a bank or investment business, he or she has endless opportunities when it comes to finding a job. Some will choose to work for a school, for a hospital, within a government sector, or even for an advertising firm. Different types of financial managers have to complete different types of educational programs. For the most part, to become a certified financial manager, a person should learn the basic job duties, complete educational requirements, possess certain skills, and also earn the required credentials.

Preparing financial reports is part of a certified financial manager's duties.
Preparing financial reports is part of a certified financial manager's duties.

Any person considering becoming a certified financial manager should learn the basic job duties. It depends on what type of financial manager a person wants to become that determines what his or her general responsibilities will be. After this research has been completed, a person can then decide if he or she wants to complete these requirements. It is imperative that all persons considering becoming a financial manager remember that advances in technology occurring in 2011 have lessened financial managers’ duties when it comes to producing financial reports. In fact, within the year 2011, most financial mangers perform more duties relating to analyzing data rather than producing financial reports.

No matter what type of certified financial manager a person wants to become, he or she must obtain a bachelor’s degree. This bachelor’s degree can be obtained in a number of fields, including economics, accounting, business administration, and/or others. While obtaining a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement it takes to become a certified financial manager, most employers prefer for a job candidate to hold a master’s degree. There are also different types of credentials and/or certifications a person can obtain to become a certified financial manager, including qualifications to become a Certified Management Accountant, a Certified Public Accountant, and/or a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Regardless of the type of certified financial manager, possessing certain skills is necessary in order to effectively fulfill the job duties. Most financial managers will find that it helps to have proficient interpersonal skills, as this is beneficial when it comes to problem solving within a group setting. It also helps for a certified financial manager to possess superb communication skills, as this will assist in him or her explaining financial data in simple terms that his or her clients can understand.

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