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How Do I Become a Business Executive?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

If you want to become a business executive, you will need to carefully make career plans as well as good decisions about which business or businesses you work for. You will likely need to obtain a university degree to become a business executive, although you may be able to achieve an executive position without one. You will also typically need to gain many years of work experience before you can become a business executive, although if you show significant promise early on in your career, you may be fast tracked to an executive position relatively quickly. Otherwise, you will need to work to achieve regular promotions within your company and, if necessary, move to other companies to take on positions of greater responsibility.

A business executive is typically someone who has significant decision-making responsibility within an organization. While a business executive may answer to a company officer, the executive will typically be able to make decisions independently of his or her supervisor and will likewise be responsible for the consequences of these decisions. For example, executives frequently have control over the budget for their own department and can make decisions about spending money without having to get permission from a higher-ranking employee. Executives typically also have significant management responsibilities and may delegate this responsibility to mid-level managers.

People in executive management jobs make decisions for their company.
People in executive management jobs make decisions for their company.

While it is certainly possible to become a business executive simply by starting your own company and taking on executive duties, many people begin their careers by working for other businesses. To prepare for a business career, you may wish to major in business or marketing while at university. If possible, get real-world job experience by working as an intern while you are in school. After graduation, try to find a job in an industry that interests you. It may be possible, with a university degree and some work experience, to be hired directly as a management trainee. This can be a great way of getting started in your quest to become a business executive.

Once you begin work, it is important to carefully manage your career. You should always be seeking opportunities to take on new responsibilities and to demonstrate leadership within your organization. If you work for a very small company or you do not see a lot of opportunity in the business you work for, you may wish to seek employment elsewhere. It is also a good idea to work closely with your supervisor, seeking his or her feedback on your performance so you can make necessary steps toward your career goals.

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    • People in executive management jobs make decisions for their company.
      By: Adam Gregor
      People in executive management jobs make decisions for their company.