How Do I Adopt a Ferret?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

There are several ways to adopt a ferret, one of the more common of which is to purchase an animal from a reputable ferret breeder. A pet store might be another option, but if you choose this method of ferret adoption, be certain the store is well maintained and that you receive a health guarantee for your new pet. Pet rescue agencies also can help you adopt a ferret, as you will have the opportunity to provide a good home for an animal that needs placement. If you are a first-time owner, you'll also need to research ferret care before you adopt one as a pet.

Before proceeding with plans to adopt a ferret, consider your lifestyle and how your new pet will fit in. This animal needs special handling, and very young children and toddlers might be too rough with a ferret. Injuries may occur to a child or to the animal if it is not handled properly. Also, understand your new pet will need adequate time out of his cage to interact with family members and receive exercise. If you haven't the time to provide this, a ferret might not be the best choice for you.

Assuming you can meet the requirements to adopt a ferret, choose your source. If you are inexperienced, seek out someone to advise you about ferret care and supplies you'll need. You can find a ferret breeder on the Internet, or through recommendations from your veterinarian. If you purchase a ferret from a pet shop, be certain the store is clean and the animals are well kept.

Pet rescue organizations are an excellent choice if you want to adopt a ferret or any other pet. These shelters house pets that have been abandoned or neglected and are in need of a good home. This can provide you with much satisfaction in knowing you are saving an animal from an otherwise unhappy or uncertain future. In such a situation, the ferret will most likely be used to human handling, although, in some cases, it might take some work and effort to gain its trust.

Before adopting your new ferret, be sure to spend some time interacting with a few of these animals. This will give you an idea of which one will suit you best. Handle a few and see how they react to your touch. Other family members should also be involved and interact with the ferret before making the final decision on which one to adopt.

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