How can I Use Hypnotism to Stop Smoking?

Brandon May

Conventional methods to stop smoking may fail because they don't address the underlying cause of the smoking addiction. Using hypnotism to stop smoking aids in confronting the emotional and unconscious triggers associated with smoking, and helps release them on the subconscious level. Smoking cessation with hypnosis not only shows high success rates, but also aids in healing the whole person in body and mind. The best ways of using hypnotism to stop smoking are by going directly to a certified hypnotherapist or using self-hypnosis.

Smoking cessation with hypnosis shows high success rates.
Smoking cessation with hypnosis shows high success rates.

A hypnotherapist is certified to work a wide range of possible problems, including addictions and smoking cessation. More studies have been conducted on using hypnotism to stop smoking than any other issue, aside from weight loss hypnosis, and they show a high percentage of clients using hypnosis successfully to quit smoking naturally. Hypnotherapists induce a feeling of deep relaxation in the body, as this supposedly helps access the subconscious mind where all beliefs are held. When the hypnotherapist and client reaches this state, direct suggestions may be implemented to change the belief about smoking, which will in effect change the behavior.

Some smokers address their addiction through self-visualization techniques or by consulting a hypnotherapist.
Some smokers address their addiction through self-visualization techniques or by consulting a hypnotherapist.

Direct suggestions are words which evoke an emotional response associated with the desire to change a certain behavior. When using hypnotism to stop smoking, for example, the hypnotherapist may summon certain words or phrases which will be presented to the unconscious mind that the client is a non-smoker. The hypnotherapist will then attach certain feelings or images into the words to evoke an emotional response within the client. Emotional responses and direct suggestion combined with visualizations of the client being healthy and a non-smoker fuel the mind to change because the mind cannot tell the difference between a real and imagined event.

Self-hypnosis may also be employed when direct access to a hypnotherapist isn't available or desired. This form of hypnosis is also a very powerful method to quit smoking, as it engages the desire of the individual to end a smoking habit or addiction. An individual who wants to use self-hypnosis for smoking cessation should start by relaxing the body and clearing the mind. After the establishment of a deep relaxed state, also known as trance, the individual would start visualizing being free from cigarettes and being healthy and strong.

With self-hypnosis, it is also important to utilize emotions within visualizations, as attaching emotions of being healthy and strong and no longer smoking, fuels the desire even more to quit smoking. An individual may also record personalized direct suggestions to listen to while using self-hypnosis. These direct suggestions should be stated as if smoking cessation has already occurred. This aids the mind in believing that the person is already a non-smoker, thus igniting a new behavior of health and freedom.

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