How can I Incorporate my Paint Color into the Rest of the Room?

Sheri Cyprus

Giving any room a new paint color is a great way to make a fresh change in your home environment. However, in order to really pull the room together into a cohesive whole room effect, the paint color, or shades of that color, should be included in the rest of the room. Large accent pieces such as a bowl or vase, throw pillows or natural elements that match the room's paint color can all help to bring the color into the whole room.

A can of red paint.
A can of red paint.

If your new paint color is found in nature, bringing natural accents into your room is a great way to incorporate that color and let your room make a powerful statement. For example, if green now colors your walls, adding lots of plants may create a strong look that expresses a fresh, natural feeling. If you chose purple paint and a Mediterranean decor, realistic bunches of faux grapes in footed dishes may help accent your wall color and style.

Throw pillows can help incorporate paint colors into a room.
Throw pillows can help incorporate paint colors into a room.

Good decorating is not just about matching or coordinating colors, but is also about expressing and capturing a certain mood, style or ambiance. For example, a red room done in an Asian-style decor would have very different red accents than the same room done in a Spanish-themed room. Even blue painted walls in a child's room create a totally different feeling depending on whether the accent pieces create a space-themed room, a sea-themed room or something completely different.

Even if your paint color is a neutral such as gray, brown or beige, you can still incorporate that color into the rest of the room by putting thought into your accessories. Texture can really make neutral-based rooms look interesting. For example a large, hammered copper bowl on a table in a room with a cognac paint color can be warm and exciting. The same room and table with a dark gray paint color and a pewter tray of ivory-colored candles may feel cool and sophisticated in tone.

Incorporating your paint color into your room can be as simple as finding or making some throw pillows in different shades of the color and piling them attractively on your sofa and/or chair. Not only can that easy technique pull your room together color-wise, but it can add a cozy feel to the space as well. But, whether you choose pillows or other accent pieces to tie in your paint color with the rest of your room, remember to think about the mood and theme you want to express.

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