How Can I Get Learning Disability Help?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

There are a number of places to turn when you are in need of learning disability help. Often, teachers and other school employees prove to be good sources of help. You could also turn to a support group for information and support. National organizations that focus on learning disabilities offer many resources as well. Additionally, you can take advantage of the many self-help resources that exist, including those available in the form of books and websites.

School officials can typically provide learning disability help.
School officials can typically provide learning disability help.

School officials often can provide learning disability help. An individual who works as a teacher, counselor, or even in an administrative position in a school may prove to be a good source of information about learning disabilities and be able to provide referrals to places parents and students can turn for help. School officials might also prove helpful for learning disability testing or be able to provide a student with materials to help him learn despite his learning disability. In fact, some schools may have staff members who specialize in helping children with special challenges to understand the situations they face, develop learning strategies, and succeed.

Dealing with a learning disability can prove challenging, both for the person who is suffering from one and those who love and support him. Often, people turn to individuals who are dealing with the same sorts of situations for help. A person could choose to seek out a support group with which to share his challenges and successes, and to get more information about dealing with a learning disability.

There also are many self-help options of which you can take advantage when you need learning disability help. For example, you can likely find many books on the subject through a local bookstore or library. You can typically find resources that cover learning disabilities in general as well as those that focus on specific types of disabilities, such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. Additionally, you may find websites that provide information about learning disabilities, resources for navigating them, and lists of other places to seek help. Some websites also offer discussion and online support groups for additional help and support.

Non-profit organizations are another frequent source of assistance for individuals who are in need of learning disability help. These organizations often provide a wealth of free information and resources, though they may sometimes sell books or learning materials as well. In some cases, these types of organizations also arrange seminars or classes to help individuals learn more about these types of challenges and develop effective strategies for meeting them.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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