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How can I get a Job in Health Care?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Getting a job in health care takes more than completing a certification or training program. Today, it takes volunteering and increased communication skills plus a degree or certification to stand out from the competition and be offered a health care job opening. It's best to start preparing for a job in health care as soon as you've decided on a health care career. Volunteer in clinics or nonprofit health organizations while you're enrolled in a health care program to complete your certification credentials. When you interview for health care jobs, sell what you have such as education, certification, volunteer work and especially your passion and communication skills.

Many applicants looking for a job in health care fail to understand the importance of communication skills. Ads in health care job listings may not specifically ask for top-notch communication skills, but health care requires a strong ability to work with people, both in terms of hospital staff and patients or clients. In interviews, applicants who mention exactly what methods of communication they have experience with, such as ordering supplies or preparing written reports for a nursing supervisor, have a better chance of being chosen for the position. Applicants must show that their communication experience is a good fit for the job.


Preparing several well thought out questions for the interview is a good idea. This automatically puts you above health care job applicants who don't ask relevant questions because supervisors want to be sure applicants are interested in the opportunity at their particular hospital, clinic or other facility. Asking questions about the clients or patients you'll be working with particularly shows genuine interest in a specific health care job opening.

In order to get an interview for a job in health care, your resume has to stand out from possibly hundreds of others. Tailor your resume to each specific health care job for the best results in making it to the interview stage. Understand exactly what the employer wants and organize your resume to show that you have what they want. For example, if they emphasize education and training and you possess what they want in those areas, have that as your first section. If specific computer software is mentioned that you have experience with, make sure you have that information near the top of your resume.

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