How can I Find Helpful Educational Software?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Educational software can be found for all ages, although it is usually geared at children. Well-designed educational software allows the user to explore a new concept while providing accurate and interesting information in a format that keeps the user interested. Educational software might take the form of a game, an encyclopedia style format, or anything else that the software designers can imagine to stimulate the mind. It can be difficult to find high quality, helpful education software, although there are a few resources that can assist you.

Well-designed educational software allows the user to explore a new concept while providing accurate and interesting information.
Well-designed educational software allows the user to explore a new concept while providing accurate and interesting information.

The best way to find helpful educational software is to ask. If you are looking for educational software for children, ask your teacher or librarian for assistance. Many teachers and children's librarians are sent review copies of educational software and have access to review networks that recommend high quality software. In addition, your child's teacher knows about the ways in which your child learns, and can recommend software that will serve your child well. Librarians also often have favorite educational software programs which they are happy to recommend.

Review publications and websites are also an excellent choice. Many parenting magazines and sites have a review section so that parents can exchange information about products on the market ranging from car seats to educational software. By reading reviews other parents have written, you can determine how effective the software is, how easy to use it is, and if it is appropriate for your child's learning style or educational level.

Asking other parents directly is also an excellent resource for finding good educational software. Making friends with other parents also creates a supportive community network that can be very valuable. Try asking the parents of your child's playmates about educational software they think is particularly good. You might also be able to test out the software for yourself to see how usable and appropriate you think it is.

Staff at software stores can also help you, whether you are looking for adult or child educational software. Try to find staff members who have actually used the software, or who have children of their own if you are looking for kid's software. Ask the staff about how usable the software is, how fun it is to use, and what sort of material is covered. Staff members also might be able to make recommendations if you tell them about who the software is being purchased for and what you want them to be taking away from the experience.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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@dinoleash: Leapfrog is kind of like a child’s version of an X-box or a PlayStation. They have hand-held devices or bigger ones. The first one that I got my son was in the form of a book. You could put different cartridges in for different games.

Leapfrog is an excellent educational tool for young children. It covers math, spelling, recognition, and many other things.


@boathugger: What exactly is Leapfrog? I don't think I've ever heard of it except for the game where kids jump over each other like a frog.


I think that Leapfrog has the best educational software. I started buying Leapfrog games for my son when he was 3. He didn’t consider it learning. To him, he was just playing. The games are very educational and they have various different games for children of all ages.

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