How can I Find an ITIL&Reg; Course?

Carol Francois

There is a range of different ways to locate and register for an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) course, depending on your location, availability, and budget. An ITIL® course is an internationally recognized series of information technology management concepts and procedures. People who are interested in taking an ITIL® course typically work in the information technology industry or would like to.

Woman standing behind a stack of books
Woman standing behind a stack of books

Generally, there are four primary methods of finding an ITIL® course: online, professional association, community college, or career college. When looking at the different options, it usually is important to think about your time frame for completing the course, current work schedule, and financial situation. These factors can have a potential impact on finding the right combination of time and place to complete an ITIL® course.

Online courses are provided by a range of reputable schools. Take the time to research the school itself and make sure that they are accredited by the ITIL® and able to offer their courses. These courses are offered via the Internet, with students provided a username and password to access study materials. Additional resources – such as recorded lectures, course notes, and quizzes – should be provided to help in the learning process. The primary benefits of online courses usually are convenience and flexibility.

Contact your local professional information technology association to explore the ITIL® courses offered. Many associations organize a training company to provide classes at a discounted rate to their members. These courses can be a great way to improve your networking skills with fellow information technology (IT) professionals.

Community colleges typically provide ITIL® courses as a certificate, offered part-time during evening and weekend hours. Students interested in these programs typically are employed full-time during the day, and are only available weekends and evenings. The added benefit to completing a course through a community college is increased access to support services, such as the library, health center, and career resources.

A private career college is another possible source for an ITIL® course. Make sure to check the reputation of the school in advance. Ask for metrics on student success rates for the ITIL® examinations, and the number of students who needed to retake the exam. This is very important as the primary focus of these classes is exam preparation.

An ITIL® course is designed for individual study, and many students are able to complete the course without support from instructors. There is an assumption, however, that students have significant experience working in this industry, are familiar with all the terms, and understand the concepts being used. People who do not have this background are well advised to complete the course with the assistance of an instructor.

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