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How can I Deal with Morning Sickness at Work?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

It is bad enough in general, but having to deal with morning sickness at work can be even more miserable. Between the embarrassment and feeling ill, it can be an experience no one wants to go through. From eating crackers to getting medication and even having a personal garbage can, you can make the experience much more tolerable.

The first step in dealing with morning sickness is to tell your boss and coworkers about the pregnancy. If they are not informed, they will eventually figure it out. Knowing ahead of time can allow them to help if possible.


One way to deal with morning sickness at work is to carry a small, portable trash can or a plastic bag at all times. Instead of doing it in a larger garbage can and having to carry that to the sick to rinse it out, a smaller one is less conspicuous. It can also help prevent accidents when getting to the bathroom on time isn't an option.

Keep snacks and beverages close by at all times to nosh on even before nausea hits. Some items to consider, although everyone is different, are hard candies, ginger ale, water, crackers and bland cookies. Having the snacks on hand is not only beneficial for dealing with morning sickness at work, but it can prevent you from having to make a spur of the moment, frenzied trip to the grocery store during business hours.

Not many women are thrilled at the idea of vomiting in front of coworkers. When dealing with morning sickness at work, it is less embarrassing and more comfortable to do so in a bathroom if possible. When nausea strikes, stop everything and take very deep breaths. Concentrate on the breathing then head to the bathroom. If vomiting ensues, at least it will happen in private.

If all else fails and dealing with the morning sickness becomes unbearable, a doctor may be able to prescribe medication. Some may require that the medications be taken on a daily basis. Other doctors may only specify that it should be taken when absolutely necessary.

While some women stress from the moment they are pregnant about having to deal with morning sickness at work, some figure out what works best for them and it becomes quite manageable. Not every woman responds the same to foods and beverages, so it is all about finding what works best for the individual. Instead of worrying about getting horribly ill, more women may be able to concentrate on enjoying the pregnancy.

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