How can I Become a Lawyer?

M. Applegate

The legal profession is a varied and intensive job path that requires a high level of dedication in order to have a successful career. If you want to become a lawyer you'll need to pay strict attention to detail, have strong organizational skills, and have above average abilities in both written and oral communications. Those who are interested in pursuing this profession must be willing to first focus on educational goals.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Countries have different requirements to becoming an attorney, and in the US, even different states have different requirements. If you want to become a lawyer, to be sure you are satisfying all the requirements that will apply to you, you should check your State Bar Association or legal body in your country.

While countries vary in their requirements, most are largely similar to the American requirements. If you want to become a lawyer, you'll first have to complete an undergraduate Bachelors Degree. This implies that the individual has been able to gain admittance to a university following the obtainment of a high school diploma with an appropriate Grade Point Average (GPA). The issue of a person's GPA continues to play an important role throughout the course of the college experience, as high grades will be necessary to be accepted into law school. In the US, a four-year degree is required for admittance to law school. The major focus for that undergraduate degree is not limited; it is recommended that those hoping to go on to become a lawyer will select an area of emphasis that may benefit them in their future scholastic endeavors. Some useful courses may include history, computer science, or English. There are some universities which offer pre-law majors, although they are not required by law schools.

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Once an individual has successfully completed his or her undergraduate degree, it will be necessary to apply for law school. The prospective lawyer is required to first complete the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) before applying to the school or schools of his or her choice. This is similar to the standardized tests that are required of high school students preparing for college. The test is taken in five 35-minute segments and requires one half of a day to complete.

Law school typically takes three years, although longer part-time programs may also be available. While some students will focus on a particular area of law, it is not required as it is in undergrad.

To become a lawyer, one final step is required — the passing of the licensing test commonly referred to as the Bar Examination. In the US, a moral character investigation must be completed as well as an ethical standards exam. Once all of these hurdles are completed, you may practice law. Continuing education requirements may also be required to continue to practice law.

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