How can I Become a Free Secret Shopper?

Malcolm Tatum

Secret shoppers are individuals who are given assignments to make evaluations and purchases at different establishments, then report their findings to a client. Shoppers of this type may visit restaurants, clothing shops, or grocery stores at the request of their clients. In exchange, the secret shopper gets to keep the items purchased, as well as some sort of payment for their research efforts. If this sounds like a great way to make some extra money, here is how to go about becoming a free secret shopper.

Secret shoppers may fill out online forms and surveys in relation to a store's service quality.
Secret shoppers may fill out online forms and surveys in relation to a store's service quality.

Your first task in becoming a free secret shopper is to learn the differences between this type of client shopping and personal shopping. Personal shoppers make purchases on behalf of their clients, earning a fee for their services. The purchases are turned over to the client. With secret shopping, you keep what you purchase. In addition, your client will sometimes reimburse you for the purchase as well as provide an agreed upon fee for your services.

Preparing to work as a free secret shopper is important. Before attempting to schedule any assignments, you should secure reliable transportation. A personal computer and Internet access is often necessary to receive and submit assignments. You should also determine the geographical area you are willing to cover as part of your work.

Once you have the necessary resources in place, begin applying for different free secret shopper positions. Stay away from so-called offers that charge a fee in order to supply you with contact information on prospective clients. There are a number of shopping research firms that are actively looking for new shoppers and will charge nothing in order to be considered for their program.

When submitting a free secret shopper application to a private client or a shopping researcher, make sure to answer all the questions. This will enhance your chances of being accepted and receiving an assignment. Be aware that you will often be asked to identify the types of secret shopping you prefer to do, such as evaluating restaurants, department stores, or even gas stations. Be as broad in your list of preferences as you can, as this will also improve your chances for steady work.

Many researchers will provide you with an introductory assignment that may consist of something like dining in at two or three specific locations of a national fast food chain. The instructions may be specific in what you order, the time of day you go to the restaurant, and what you should specifically investigate while there. Make sure you follow those instructions to the letter. Doing so will lead to more assignments in a very short period of time, allowing you to create a steady income.

Before taking assignments from any secret shopping program, check out the company thoroughly. Your goal is to make sure the firm is legitimate, pays their independent contractors in a timely manner, and is likely to provide a steady flow of assignments. There are plenty of mystery shopping opportunities available that pay very well and on time. Focus your attention on them, and you will soon find yourself with more free secret shopper work than you can handle.

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