Are There Any Fibromyalgia Cures?

Jacob Queen
Jacob Queen

Experts suggest that fibromyalgia cures do not exist. Part of the reason is because science is still relatively uncertain what is causing the disorder in the first place. Most patients with fibromyalgia will try various methods to control the symptoms. Some of these methods can involve medicines, while others are lifestyle related. Fibromyalgia is often an episodic disorder from which patients don’t suffer constantly, so even though there are no fibromyalgia cures, sufferers may not need to treat the symptoms all the time.

One of the most commonly recommended ways of dealing with fibromyalgia is to exercise often. This seems to help with the disorder, but doctors are not clear exactly why. Some experts think that it has something to do with brain chemicals released during exercise. Those doctors often believe that brain chemistry might be partially responsible for fibromyalgia, and they tend to look for fibromyalgia cures from that theory angle.

Another problem often associated with fibromyalgia is lack of sleep and various sleep disorders. Many experts suggest that there is a definite connection between sleep problems and fibromyalgia, but doctors are unclear if the disorders are causing fibromyalgia or if it’s the other way around. Some research suggests that patients who deal with their sleeping problems have a decrease in other fibromyalgia symptoms, but many experts believe that more research is needed. There is some research into the possibility of fibromyalgia cures that take advantage of this connection, but nothing definite has been established.

Patients who suffer from fibromyalgia are well known to also suffer from migraine headaches. Some scientists are convinced that this is no coincidence, and they even believe that migraines and fibromyalgia may just be different symptoms of the same essential disorder. Some of the medical approaches used to treat people with migraines have also helped people with fibromyalgia. There are no real fibromyalgia cures that use this knowledge, but there is a lot of scientific interest. One of the main lines of inquiry relates to a potential brain chemistry connection between fibromyalgia and migraines.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder related to chronic and mysterious pain symptoms. People with this disorder often have tender areas on their body that hurt when they’re touched, and they have other areas that occasionally ache. Some people compare the pain to arthritis, but fibromyalgia is not associated with any actual tissue damage, while arthritis is known to gradually destroy the joints.

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