Who Is at Risk for Seasonal Unemployment?

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The people at risk for seasonal unemployment are those engaged in jobs that are dependent or determined by seasons. That is to say that such jobs rely on certain types of literal seasons of the year, or other economic or cultural seasons. An example of people who are at risk for seasonal unemployment due to literal changes in season include those who work outdoors in such sectors like agriculture and landscaping. Other types of seasonal unemployment are the result of changes in other seasons, such as Christmas, tourism and school periods.

Those who work in the agricultural sector usually have a peak period of production, which generally starts around the spring and ends around the fall. During this period, workers may be engaged to help plant crops and also to harvest them. At the onset of winter and snow, the demand for such workers falls drastically due to the change in the season or weather. As such, workers like fruit pickers, sorters, gardeners and landscape planners are at risk for seasonal unemployment. One of the factors for seasonal unemployment is that it is a recurring type of unemployment, which comes at about the same time every year.


Tourism offers a source of employment to different types of people in various economies. For example, tourism may offer both formal and informal types of unemployment to people ranging from workers in the hotel and catering sectors to informal workers in the crafts and souvenir industry. Tourism also has a peak period, which is usually around the summer in colder climates and around the winter in warmer climates, as people in colder climates shift their attention to places with warmer weather during the cold of winter. The employees in industries related to the tourist trade usually depend on busy periods and are at a risk for seasonal unemployment as the demand for their services decline after the rush.

Other people affected by seasonal unemployment are those who are hired during the busiest periods of the retail industry. The busiest periods are usually during holidays, especially Christmas. A classic example of employees who are at risk for seasonal unemployment are those who are employed to play the role of Father Christmas during the Christmas period. Such a job is very short lived and is only required for a few days or weeks in the year. Even school bus drivers only work when schools are open and their services are required.



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