Which are the Best Eye Exercises to Improve Vision?

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Though it is still somewhat debatable whether eye exercises to improve vision actually make a difference in one's ability to see well, they can help to strengthen the muscles of the eyes, and to relieve tired eyes from eye strain. Some of the best eye exercises to improve vision typically include a series of relaxation exercises, such as cupping the hands over the eyes and closing or blinking the eyes for a few times, or gently massaging the temples around the eyes. In addition, attempting to switch the focus of the eyes quickly, such as focusing on something close up and then something far away, is another eye exercise that is sometimes recommended.

Sometimes eye exercises to improve vision will be performed under the direction of an ophthalmologist, to correct a specific vision problem such as strabismus, which refers to crossed eyes or wandering eyes. In this case, an eye patch may be worn some of the time in order to encourage the weaker eye to become stronger. Other simple eye exercises may include searching the newspaper in order to locate all examples of a certain letter, for instance, or using specific tools provided by the ophthalmologist to strengthen the vision in the weak eye.


Most people using eye exercises to improve vision simply want to improve overall vision, not target a specific problem. Resting the eyes throughout the day, rather than spending the full workday staring at a computer screen, is one of the best ways to do this. Every ten to twenty minutes, look away from the computer screen and look toward the ceiling or at a point in the distance. This is similar to the other eye exercise in which one will switch between closely focusing on something, and then focusing on something in the distance every five to ten seconds. In addition, be sure to close the eyes throughout the day, cupping the palms over the eyes, to rest them and prevent eye strain; some people find that briefly squeezing the eyes tightly shut can help to relieve dryness.

Other eye exercises to improve vision include rolling the eyes in a circle, or trying to trace the pattern of a figure-eight on the wall. These will help to strengthen the eye muscles as well. Proper nutrition and sufficient sleep are also important for good vision. It is unlikely that any of these eye exercises will have a drastic improvement on your vision, but they may be able to help you maintain your current vision, and prevent it from becoming worse; they may also help with correcting specific problems when done under the guidance of an ophthalmologist.



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@fBoyle-- I don't think that eye exercises can improve all vision problems either. They can however reduce stress and fatigue. I do enjoy doing a few eye exercises followed by a cold eye mask when my eyes are tired.

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There is something eye yoga which are various different eye exercises to strengthen the eye muscles. Some say that doing eye yoga regularly can improve vision.

I do eye yoga sometimes. I mostly roll my eyes up and down and to the sides slowly, and as far as I possibly can. I also apply pressure right below my eyebrows with my fingertips which helps relieve tension. But I can't say that my vision has improved as a result. I have astigmatism. I think that these types of exercises would work better for vision problems such as lazy eye because they target the eye muscles.

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I work on the computer for many hours every day. So tired, dry and strained eyes are common for me. After long hours, my vision definitely worsens. It becomes blurry sometimes and my eyes feel dry and painful.

I'm using eye drops regularly for this reason. And when my vision starts becoming blurry, I take a break and close my eyes for fifteen minutes. Squeezing the eyes tight and then opening them seems to help with blurry vision as well.

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