When Grilling, What Are the Advantages of Using a Steel Grate?

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A steel grate is one of the most well-known grill grates on the market, and it has several benefits when compared to grates made from other materials. For example, steel grates are often durable yet lightweight, allowing them to be used regularly for years and easily moved when necessary. They also are usually easy to clean, because they do not require special brushes or cleaners, permitting people to simply wipe them down with a wet cloth after cooking. Those who grill foods that need to be cooked slowly may be particularly satisfied with a steel grate, because it cooks slower than some other materials.


One of the main benefits of a steel grate is that it tends to be lightweight when compared to the alternative, such as the cast iron grate. This means people can easily pick it up when necessary, such as when they need to add more charcoal to the grill. They also can move the grill to a different location much more easily when they use a steel grate, provided the rest of the barbecue also is lightweight. Despite the fact that it does not usually weigh much, this type of grate tends to be durable; it does not chip very easily and can last several years when properly cared for. Its durability means the warranty on a steel grate is usually longer than those on other grates, often allowing owners to return or exchange the product free if they are no longer satisfied with it.

Unlike grates made from other materials, it is not typically necessary to use a rough brush and abrasive chemicals to clean a steel grate. Most grates of this type wipe clean with a damp cloth and actually last longest when treated gently during the cleaning process. While harsh chemicals and rough brushes may break down the material, rust usually does not, which is another benefit of the steel grate. This means it can be left outside or in moist conditions, if necessary, making it easy to store without worrying about damaging the material.

Steel is considered particularly good for grilling foods that are best cooked slowly. This is because it tends not to heat up as fast as other materials, and it doesn't hold heat as well as cast iron, though the temperature usually stays even throughout the grilling process. This is especially true when the food is covered, because some of the heat may escape when the grill's lid is lifted. Therefore, this type of grate is often considered best for grilling roasts and poultry, which require slow, even heat.



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