When do I Need a New Roof?

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Many people don’t give the roofs of their homes a second thought until they begin to leak. Unfortunately, there is already a substantial amount of damage done to the support beams and other structural elements of the house before that first leak becomes apparent. In order to avoid this type of problem, it is necessary to be on the lookout for one of the several warning signs that the time for a new roof has arrived.

There are a number of indicators that apply to all types of roofs, especially shingled roofs. One of the most common has to do with the appearance of algae on the surface of the shingles or roof panels. Algae does more than simply set on top of the shingles. As the algae begins to spread, it also breaks down the components of each individual shingle, making it possible for moisture to seep into the attic area. Getting a new roof when algae first begins to make its appearance can save a lot of money on home repairs in the long run.


Signs of blistering or buckling anywhere on the roof is another strong indicator that the time has come to invest in a new roof. Along with curling, these types of conditions indicate that the roofing materials have become brittle, warped, and no longer have the capability to stand up to hard weather conditions. Getting a new roof before those warped or blistered shingles or section panels begin to work loose will protect the support structure underneath the roof and save a considerable sum on roof replacement costs.

Termite damage is definitely a sign that you need a new roof. In fact, you may need to consider rebuilding the network of support beams as well. Make sure to have your home inspected and sprayed to rid the property of termites. The inspection will also give you an idea of what damage has been done to the wooden support beams. This will make it much easier to get an accurate estimate on how much that new roof will cost.

New roofing is generally called for when the general condition of the existing roof appears tired and worn. Keep in mind that a worn roof does not have to feature buckling or curling shingles to be in poor condition. While the situation may not be as dire as when you already have a leaky roof or see shingles missing, trouble is just around the corner. Head it off and get a new roof now, and you will spend much less on home improvement and repair a few years down the road.



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