What will Give Me Fast Pain Relief?

Many people take over-the-counter pain medications in order to reduce inflammation or settle an upset stomach or ease the symptoms of a severe headache. The problem is many of these remedies can take several hours to enter the bloodstream, reach the affected area and provide any form of substantial relief. For certain medical conditions, however, there are some alternative treatments which can provide fast pain relief and a quicker recovery.

Perhaps the most common method of fast pain relief is the direct injection of a prescription pain medication or anti-inflammatory drug. Because the liquid medication enters the bloodstream directly, the targeted area receives it much faster than a similar medication taken orally. An injectable sedative may not address a pain issue directly, but it can provide almost immediate relief from the sharp pains of a kidney stone attack or the dull throbbing pains of a broken bone or pulled muscle.

For fast pain relief from a headache or muscular pain, many people take a powdered form of aspirin known as a headache powder. A standard dosage of aspirin is crushed and packaged in small strips of waxed paper. Some consumers believe this powdered form of pain reliever enters the bloodstream faster and provides tangible relief long before the tablet or caplet forms of aspirin can be digested. While there is no scientific evidence to back this claim, many headache sufferers report faster pain relief after ingesting headache powders.


Medications containing anesthetics can also provide fast pain relief for certain topical conditions. Those suffering from toothache pain or other dental problems can often find fast relief from liquid or gel medications containing approved numbing agents, such as benzocaine. These oral anesthetic medications are designed to work on contact, which means fast pain relief from mouth ulcers, gum infections and cold sores. Traditional anti-inflammatory or painkilling drugs can address some of these symptoms, but it can take several hours to feel their effects.

Those suffering from cold and flu symptoms may find fast pain relief through liquid cough or sore throat preparations. Because the anesthetics or expectorants or lubricants make direct contact with the affected area, they can often provide instant relief while other medications address other issues. Many people experience instant pain relief from a sore throat after a few sprays of an oral anesthetic. Others find that a sore throat lozenge with a numbing agent provides fast pain relief.

For a number of sports-related injuries, fast pain relief often comes in the form of ice packs or heated sports cremes applied directly to the injury. Some sufferers discover that a quick soak in a warm Epsom salt solution can provide fast pain relief for a sprained ankle or wrist. An injection of cortisone into inflamed joints can also provide fast pain relief, although this should always be viewed as a temporary solution until a more permanent pain management program is implemented.



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