What Washing Machine Spare Parts Should I Keep on Hand?

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The best washing machine spare parts to keep on hand can depend on how mechanically inclined you are, and how in depth you want to get with repairs. Some good parts to consider keeping on hand include fill and drain hoses, drive belts, and an agitator repair kit. You may also want to consider keeping a water pump or washer motor on hand if you feel comfortable performing major repairs, though these components can be somewhat expensive compared to other parts. In addition to washing machine spare parts, you may want to consider acquiring the various tools that are necessary to carry out common repairs.

Washing machines typically consist of several interconnected systems, each of which can require different spare parts to repair. The main components of a washing machine are typically some type of agitator basket, a motor with drive belts, and a water delivery and extraction system that usually includes a pump and valves. Before you start acquiring washing machine spare parts, you may want to assess your mechanical abilities and the relative difficulty of different repairs. That can help you decide which spare parts will do you the most good.


There are a few different spare parts related to the agitator that you may want to find. One common item that can be good to keep on hand is an agitator repair kit. These kits typically include all of the component parts you will need in order to return an agitator to service, including thrust washers and bolts, cams, cap seals, and agitator dogs. If the agitator is physically cracked or broken, a completely new unit is sometimes required, though those can be both bulky and expensive.

You may also want to consider keeping some drive belts on hand, depending on the design of your particular washing machine. Some washing machines use one belt to drive the agitator and another to drive the water pump, in which case you may want to keep two belts on hand. It can be difficult to access the drive belts, though they are typically some of the easiest washing machine spare parts to replace. The motor itself is another part you may want to stock, though replacement contacts and other parts are smaller and easier to store.

Supply and drain hoses are typically inexpensive parts that are relatively easy to replace, and if they develop leaks it can make quite a mess. These can be good washing machine spare parts to keep on hand, in addition to a water inlet valve. The water pump is another part you may want to consider, though they are typically more expensive than other spare parts. Seals and other component parts can come in handy if the pump or any of the connections start to leak.



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