What Type of Resume Should I Prepare for a Career As a Software Engineer?

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When applying for a position as a software engineer, it is important to think about the needs of the position, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant. Your resume is a vital tool for communicating with potential employers. Job seekers should spend a significant amount of time on a resume to ensure a call back and potential employment. In many instances, a resume should be customized for each position the applicant is trying for, rather than being mass distributed.

You should read up on writing an effective resume, so that you can impress potential employers with your organization and skills. Many human resources departments will discard resumes which are sloppy, do not demonstrate that the candidate has met the job requirements, or are too lengthy. Take care to craft a well written resume which addresses the specific job position you are applying for. Reflect the language used in the job advertisement in your resume and cover letter.


In order to prepare for a career as a software engineer, you should start with an education. Most positions as a software engineer expect candidates to possess at least a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Software Engineering or a related field. Some positions may require an advanced degree, and many positions also require specific certifications. Before submitting a resume to a potential employer, make sure you meet the education and certification requirements for the position, and indicate this clearly on your resume.

Experience is also a valuable trait for job candidates. Many companies offer internships to students and young adults interested in pursuing a career in software engineering. These internships will look good on your resume, and better prepare you for a professional position. You should be able to demonstrate in your resume that you are familiar with a wide range of computer systems, systems analysis, and that you have programming skills. On the job experience, even in an entry level or internship position, will strengthen your resume.

Whether you are just entering the job market or seeking a new position as a software engineer, your resume should also indicate that you are keeping up with advances in your chosen field. Computer technology is a rapidly evolving field. Therefore, continuing education classes and new certifications will give you an edge. Universities offer continuing education, as do some computer science oriented companies and organizations. Your resume and your job performance will benefit from these courses.



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