What Should I Plant in a Pizza Garden?

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A pizza garden is a fun, educational and useful family activity. Kids and adults alike love to watch a small plant grow from a seed or bud into something tasty. A pizza garden can include any ingredients that the family enjoys on their pizza.

The most popular way to build a pizza garden is to make an 8 foot (2.4 meter) circle to be the planting area. It can be divided with bricks, edging,or wooden dividers into six to eight triangles just like a pizza slice. String can also be used by tying it to a stake in the middle of the circle. Each slice will grow a different pizza ingredient. Like other vegetables gardens, a pizza garden needs to be planted in full sun.

The first "slice" of the garden should hold tomato plants. The most popular to choose are Roma since they have a sweet taste and a pasty consistency. A very watery tomato will make a very watery sauce, which can in turn make a soggy pizza. Tomatoes should be supported with cages as necessary. Four plants will yield plenty of tomatoes.


The next slice of the garden can have one of several herbs, or if working with a small garden, can hold all of the herbs necessary. Some popular herbs to use are oregano, thyme, and parsley. The only essential herb to a great pizza is basil. There are many varieties of basil, but sweet basil is most recommended. If planting one herb per slice, use three of each type. If planting several herbs in one slice, plant just one of each to conserve space.

Next, toppings of the gardeners choice are planted in each of the remaining slices. Onions are a popular choice and can be red, white, or yellow in variety. As many as 30 sets of onions can be planted in one slice.

Peppers are also a good option, with green and red bell peppers adding some color to a basic pizza. For those who enjoy a kick to their pizza, a spicy pepper like jalapeƱo can give that. One to two plants of each pepper type will be enough.

After planted, water well and mulch with an store purchased garden mulch or organic material. Many pizza garden enthusiasts like to use straw since it resembles shredded cheese. In about two months the plants will be ready and can be harvested. Tomatoes become sauce to spread on the crust, herbs can be used in the sauce or sprinkled on the pizza, and the toppings added with shredded cheese.



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Remember to water the basil each day, unless it rains. A day or two without watering or rain will make the plants start to wilt.

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