What Should I Know About Chimney Repair?

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Keeping a chimney in good working order sometimes requires that along with routine maintenance, repairs must be made. As with many structural elements around a home, a chimney can develop a number of problems, many of them unique to some portion of the chimney, such as the flue, the liner, or the cap. Knowing what is involved with chimney repair can help you decide whether to take care of the problem yourself or call in professionals to manage the job.

One of the more common types of chimney repair has to do with the chimney venting. This can often occur when the device that makes it possible to open the chimney flue begins to corrode. When this happens, it is often possible to simply clean the mechanisms and restore the ability to open and close the vents, preventing a back flow of smoke into the home.

However, if the mechanism on the chimney flue has weakened and will not longer operate the vents, there is a good chance you will need to call in experts to manage the chimney repair. Depending on the way the vent system was installed, it may be necessary to remove part of the masonry to replace the failed components. When this is the case, you ant to make sure the chimney liner and all the masonry work are re-installed properly. Allowing an expert to manage this task will minimize the chances of fireplace failure that could be dangerous.


Problems with the mortar can also be the source of ongoing chimney repair. Many people are not aware that mortar can shrink over time. This can cause the joints around chimney caps to open slightly and crate a gap between the cap and the flue. For the most part, using masonry caulking to seal the cracks will keep the chimney in good working order. Make sure to keep the caulking damp for a few days, as this will allow the compound to cure properly and create the tight seal you want.

If any type of chimney repair seems beyond your basic skills, never hesitate to call for professional help. Often, making the call sooner rather than later will accomplish two things. First, it prevents the possibility of making the problem worse due to the ineffectual efforts to resolve the problem, ending up costing more money to repair than it would have in the first place. Second, getting help now is simply part of a sound chimney safety plan. By keeping the chimney in good working order, everyone in the home is safer, and the structure itself is not threatened by some defect in the chimney that could eventually damage the rest of the home.



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