What Should I Know About Bathtub Repair?

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The process of bathtub repair can involve something as simple as clearing a clogged drain or repairing a small leak. Other forms of bathtub repair may involve reworking the bathtub plumbing or resurfacing a tub that is worn and looks dingy even after a thorough cleaning. When faced with the task of repairing bathtub problems, it is important to keep a few basic thoughts in mind.

Your first issue to address has to do with the expense of making the bathtub repair. While minor plumbing issues such as snaking a clogged bathtub drain or dealing with a hairline crack along one wall of the tub are usually not costly, other issues may be so expensive that replacing the bathtub is a better option. This is especially true with some of the newer fiberglass and acrylic tubs. Before making a final decision, look closely at what it will cost to repair the tub versus simply replacing the bathtub altogether. You may find that you will come out ahead by going with a new tub.


Another consideration has to do with just how much you like your current tub. Perhaps you have an old fashioned clawfoot tub that is deeper and longer than most of the modern tubs. While it may be more practical to part with your older tub, you would stand to lose some comfort and style in your bathroom. If you are not going to be happy with a different tub, then it is worth the time and the expense to address and fix bathtub issues that may be present. While it may cost more in terms of money, getting rid of your cherished tub would cost a great deal in other ways that are equally important.

When there are no plumbing issues present and the tub is in good working condition, the bathtub repair may focus on the appearance of the tub. Over long periods of use, the surface of even porcelain tubs will experience chips, scratches and worn spots. Fortunately, resurfacing is often an option that will yield excellent results. Methods used today for refinishing and reglazing an older tub are much more efficient and effective than even a few years ago. Where a resurfacing used to take several days, it is sometimes possible to finish the job in no more than a single day.

Bathtub repair today is very different from repair methods of decades past. Fixing a minor leak on a bathtub is now no more complicated or costly than dealing with a toilet leak. Many repair jobs can be accomplished with the use of kits rather than calling on a plumber or other professional when something is wrong with the tub. Even when professional assistance is required, many repairs can be done in a short period of time and last for several years.

When faced with a bathtub repair issue, take into consideration the cost of repairing versus replacing, how long the repair would take, and whether or not you would be happy with a new tub. Once you know the answers to those questions, you can make an informed decision about what to do with your bathtub issue.



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