What Should I do to Maintain Optimal Ear Health?

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If you want to maintain optimal ear health, you should try to avoid loud noises, schedule regular hearing exams, and be mindful of any problems with your ears or changes in your hearing. Many ear problems can be prevented or easily treated if they are caught early enough. You should always see your doctor about any ear ailments you may have, including minor issues such as earaches and swimmer's ear. Sometimes hearing loss occurs in just one ear, and because of this you may not realize you're having difficulty hearing until you attempt to use headphones or talk on the phone. In addition to these tips, you may also want to take care not to inadvertently injure your ears while trying to clean them.

Loud noises are one of the main causes of hearing damage. To maintain optimal ear health, you should make an effort to limit your exposure to very loud noises. Things like motorcycles, power tools, and firearms can all reach decibel levels that are unsafe for human ears. Sounds that are greater than 75 decibels could lead to permanent hearing loss, particularly if you are exposed to these noises on a regular basis. If you have a profession or hobby that exposes you to loud noises frequently, you may want to invest in ear plugs or some other type of ear protection to prevent hearing loss.


Regular hearing exams are important for maintaining ear health as well. You could have a problem with your ears and not be aware of it, because many people do not realize they are losing their hearing until it is too late to do anything about it. In addition to the possible prevention of hearing loss, these exams may also be useful for discovering other problems with your ears. Most doctors recommend getting your hearing tested at least once every few years, but if you are 65 or older and work in a very noisy place, you may want to go once a year to have your hearing checked.

You may not realize it, but simply cleaning your ears out with a Q-tip can be dangerous, although it is considered a safe activity if you do it cautiously. Many people accidentally injure their ears with Q-tips by pushing them too far up into their ear canals. This could cause loss of equilibrium and hearing along with severe pain. It is also possible to push ear wax too far up into your ears with a Q-tip, which can block the opening of your ear and make it hard for you to hear. It is important to keep in mind that ear wax is a beneficial substance for ear health, because it gives your ear canal a protective coating that can ward off outside infection as well as repel water.



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