What Should I do After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

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It is very important that after gastric bypass surgery, you follow your doctor’s instructions very carefully. You will not be able to eat as much as you are used to and the type of foods you eat will need to be drastically restricted. It is also important that you take any vitamins or medications prescribed to you on time and for as long as directed.

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure in which the stomach is made smaller and then bypassed to the small intestines. Once the stomach is smaller it cannot hold as much food so you will become full much faster than normal. You will also not be able to eat certain foods because they are not allowed on your diet or because they may cause digestive upset.

In the beginning, you will need to take time to recover after gastric bypass surgery. This will begin in the hospital and then continue once you get home. You will probably be on a liquid diet for the first several days and then you can gradually add new foods back into your eating plan. More than likely you will work with both a doctor and a registered dietitian to develop a diet plan that works well for you and your lifestyle.


You will likely be placed on a specialized diet after gastric bypass surgery. This diet will be high in protein and whole grains and low in fat and sugar. You will also need to avoid foods which are high in fiber because your stomach will no longer have room for the added bulk. Fiber stays in the stomach longer and may become stuck after your surgery.

Daily dietary supplements will also be needed in order to make up for the small amount of food you will be eating. The exact ones you need will depend on your dietary plan and doctor’s instructions. This will keep you from losing nutrients, getting too fatigued, and having additional health complications.

Once you have begun your diet program after gastric bypass surgery, you will also need to add physical activity into your routine. You should begin slowly by doing easy, low-resistance exercises like strolling or swimming. Once you have recovered more and are used to working out, you can move up to more difficult routines.

Be sure to keep all your doctor’s appointments in order to keep close track of your progress. You may also work with a dietitian who will plan meals for you and help you develop weight loss goals. Eating the wrong foods or too many of any food can cause the stomach to stretch again, so be mindful of this. In order to lose weight, you will need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily over the course of your life.



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