What Should I Consider When Planning a Super Bowl Party?

The big game is coming soon and you’ve decided to have a party. So, what are some of the most important things you should consider when planning a Super Bowl party? The most obvious issue is the guest list. Call, email, or send invitations to your potential guests early so you’ll have a good idea of how many people will attend. Not everyone will issue an R.S.V.P. but you can get a general idea.

You should plan for a few more people than you actually expect to have at your Super Bowl party. You’re always better off planning for too many rather than not enough. This way you’ll have plenty of food, drinks, cups, plates, and napkins for all of your guests. Consider picking up disposable party tableware in team colors. If neither team is particularly a favorite, you might want to pick up party ware in both teams’ colors for your Super Bowl Party.

Seating is an important issue when planning any get-together, but especially a Super Bowl party. Having plenty of chairs may not be a sufficient consideration. You need to provide plenty of seating where people will have a good view of the television. Borrowing some folding chairs if you don’t have any is a good idea, since they take up less room than other types of chairs. You might also want to provide cushions or floor pillows as an alternative.


Food is of course, important for any party, but especially for a Super Bowl party. Ordinary snacks just won’t do. Instead of offering the standard potato chips and onion dip, whip up something a bit more interesting to either replace that option or to go along with it. You can find entire cookbooks to devoted to party foods. Don’t forget to check monthly magazines or look online for Super Bowl party recipes as well.

Consider making a large submarine sandwich, a meat and cheese tray, or meatballs for your Super Bowl party. These types of foods can also be ordered if you prefer not to make them yourself. A sub sandwich is simple to make. Pick up a large loaf of French or Italian bread, not sliced, and split it lengthwise. Top it with lettuce, meats, and cheeses. Serve condiments, onions, tomatoes, and other trimmings on the side, since some people don’t care for them or can’t eat them.

Also, don’t forget to include a good variety of cold beverages and plenty of ice when having a Super Bowl party. Even if you have an ice maker, it might not be able to keep up, so consider picking up a bag of ice, or two, ahead of time. If serving beverages that contain alcohol during your Super Bowl party, remember that you can be held legally responsible for your guests after they leave your home. Make sure no one drives while under the influence. Making sure your guests have a great time also includes making sure they arrive home safely after the Super Bowl or any party.



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