What Should I Consider When Planning a Children's Birthday Party?

A children's birthday party is an exciting event in which a child and their friends get together to celebrate. It is a really fun time for children, but can be stressful for the adults who are planning it. There are several things you must consider when planning the birthday party.

When planning a children's birthday party, think about where you are going to host it at. If you are having a lot of children present, you might not want to have the party at your house, as it will get messy and be very chaotic. During the summer or spring, consider having it at a park, as it is free and has lots of room to run. Fall and winter means the possibility of rain, so you may want to have the party somewhere indoors, such as at a pizza joint or bounce house facilities.

The second thing to consider when planning a children's birthday party is what the theme is going to be. It should be a theme your child is interested in at that time. If your son is enthused with Spiderman, get a Spiderman table cloth and napkins. Allow him to go with you and help pick out the decorations.


Hosting a children's birthday party means you will need to choose party games for the kids to play. There are several popular games you can play, such as pin the tail on the donkey and hitting the pi&ntilede;ata while blindfolded. For more games to play, visit the party game central website. There are hundreds of games to choose from, with most using basic party supplies such as balloons and music.

Goody bags are popular at a children's birthday party. These are usually filled with party favors and candy. If you have goody bags at a toddler's party, make sure there is nothing in the bag the children could choke on, such as jaw breakers or small balls. When providing candy, take into consideration any allergies a child may have, such as a peanut allergy.

Young children quickly become overwhelmed when attending a birthday party. For the sake of the parents involved, keep the party short, but sweet. Try not to plan a toddler's birthday party during naptime, or late in the evening. Two hours is usually a good time frame for a party, as it allows time for conversation, games, cake and presents, without having to rush. As soon as the young kids start to get burned out, the children's birthday party is over.



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A fun party we put on for one of our kids was a murder mystery dinner on a local train. Everyone on the train was "in on it" and the servers were actors too.

The kids loved getting dressed up and having dinner while getting to be detectives. I filmed the action so they could watch it all over again later that night at the slumber party.

If you don't have a murder mystery train in your town or city, you can host your own murder mystery dinner, they come in party packages. Oh, and don't forget to tape off the location of the murder with yellow caution tape. This really adds to the party flavor.

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Planning birthday parties for my children was always so much fun since they're all born at different times of the year and had such differing interests.

Of course, we've had our share of pool parties, beach parties, painting parties, bowling parties and pizza parties. My all-time favorite party idea for my youngest son came out of the survival skills class he had just finished (he was 12 years old at the time). We hosted it at a park and the kids had to learn some brief survival skill rules of the game and then they got to break up into teams to build 4 debris shelters. It was the most amazing party. The kids absolutely loved it. I

really should've marketed this idea.

I even had a blast coming up with prizes and goody bags. It was simple finding everything at the dollar store like little gummy worms, flashlights, water bottles, small first aid kits - everything they needed to "survive". The cake? It was a volcano, of course!

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