What Should I Consider When Looking for a Limousine?

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You are planning a very special outing. You want everything to be perfect. You have even decided to rent a limousine. Now, all you have to do is decide which company to use. So, how do you decide which limousine service is the best one for you? There are a few things you can check out before making a final decision.

Obviously, cost is going to be an issue. You want the most for your money. When you call around to check pricing, ask detailed questions. Does the limousine service offer a discount if you book in advance or hire the limo for a certain number of hours? Are different dates or days of the week less expensive than others? Is early evening or later at night less costly than different time slots?

Some limousine companies also offer flat rates for an outing that lasts a certain number of hours, instead of charging an hourly rate. Say you plan to use the limo for three hours. The company may charge a service fee, plus a certain amount per hour.

Another limousine company may require a minimum amount of hours, instead of charging a service fee. For the latter, the minimum may be a four-hour rental. However, even though you only plan to be out for three hours, this option may prove less costly. Find out.


If you are looking for a particular style of limousine, you should ask each company what models they have available for the date and time of your event. Even if you already know a certain company has the limo style you prefer, that does not necessarily mean it will be available when you hope to rent it. Inquire in advance and book ahead of time if necessary. Also, realize that a certain style of limousine may be more expensive to rent than another. You may decide to settle for a different model if the difference in cost is significant.

There are of course, different times when renting a limousine is appropriate, including business events, weddings and funerals. The type of occasion plays a part in choosing a limousine. If you are unsure of which vehicle would best suit your needs, ask the limo service for suggestions. It is also a good idea to find out what an appropriate tip would be for each occasion, so you can tip the driver accordingly.



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