What Should I Consider When Buying Lipstick?

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Buying lipstick can be fun as there are many different colors and types to suit everyone. Yet, buying lipstick can also be a little daunting since most of us do not want to waste money buying shades or formulas that end up not being right for us. Natural lip color and state of the lips, skin tone and environment are all important considerations to make when buying lipstick.

If you stand in front of a large mirror and compare your lip color with those of relatives and friends you will see differences depending on skin tones. Just as there are warm and cool skin tones, there are warm and cool natural lip colors. Understanding the difference between warm and cool tones makes buying lipstick in a flattering color much easier. Some cosmetics brands today even identify their products as being for warm or for cool skin tones which really makes buying lipstick easy.

Cool skin tones have a bluish undertone to them while warm skin tones have more of an orange undertone. Lip colors that are balanced between warm and cool shades such as true red look good on any skin and lip tone. We often automatically choose clothing colors that suit us, so you can use that as your guide when buying lipstick. Corals or dusty pinks, brick reds and bronzed plums tend to suit those with warmer skin tones, while clear pinks, reds and plums tend to suit those with cooler skin tones.


Lip liner is a good cosmetic to buy when you are buying lipstick so that you can choose colors that will work together. Often, a shade of lip liner than is a little darker than the lipstick works best. Lip liner also helps to 'seal in' the lipstick and make it last longer.

Glossy, moisturizing lipsticks work well on lips that tend to be dry and a layer of lip protector can be added before applying lipstick. Matte or cream lipsticks tend to show the tiny lines in the lips which may not be the most flattering on dry, cracked lips. Added sunscreen is good to look for when buying lipstick to be worn outdoors. Buying lipstick that is sparkly and glossy or dark and creamy allows you to replace your regular daily lipstick with a special lipstick for a night out on the town.



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