What Should I Consider When Buying Fireworks?

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Many people enjoy buying fireworks when celebrating various holidays and special occasions. They’re fun for the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, and they can make other events more festive too. Just keep in mind a few things when buying fireworks to help ensure that your occasions are fun and safe.

One important issue is learning whether or not buying fireworks is legal in your area. Some areas have very strict policies against selling and buying fireworks while others have rules regarding which kinds of firecrackers and other items individuals are allowed to own. Just because a vendor sells certain types of fireworks does not ensure that their use is legal. Check with the authorities to make sure you are complying with local ordinances when buying fireworks.

Something else you should consider when buying fireworks is safety. All fireworks can present hazards, some more than others. Large items can be especially dangerous if you are not experienced in their use. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely. After lighting fuses, be sure to move several yards away and stay there until you are sure the item is completely done. Allow a few extra seconds after each one appears to have gone out, to ensure your personal safety.


Make certain you have plenty of open space when lighting fireworks so embers don’t fall on trees, dry grass, vehicles, buildings, or spectators. Keep a garden hose, bucket of water, or fire extinguisher handy just in case. You don’t want to cause damages or injuries. Also, avoid shooting off fireworks near the road so you don’t startle or distract motorists.

When buying fireworks, ask the vendor for more information. Many packages only give the briefest description such as “flaming balls” or “showers of sparks.” Some have whistles and some say “report.” That means a loud bang. Buying fireworks with a strong report may not be the best idea if pets or small children will be in attendance as the noise may frighten them.

Of course, courtesy is also very important. You don’t want to set off fireworks or firecrackers too late at night when they might disturb other people. While it’s typically best to set them off after dark for the best visual experience, try not to wait until terribly late. Before buying fireworks, you might also want to inform your neighbors that you intend to do so to head off any problems. In fact, you might just want to invite them to come over and watch your display in order to avoid complaints.



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Such a nice post! There's a lot of countries that have basically banned personal fireworks, including airbombs for just that reason. Too many people, especially kids, are hurting themselves by acting foolish, and there are too many accidental fires.

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