What Should I Consider When Buying Electronic Gifts for Christmas?

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It’s hard to go wrong with electronic gifts. There are numerous options when it comes to electronic gifts, from items that make life a little easier to those that enhance home entertainment. You should have no problem finding something for everyone on your shopping list.

However, there are some specific issues to consider when purchasing electronic gifts for Christmas. Whether you are purchasing a CD cleaning kit or a Play Station 3, you want to make sure your purchases are protected. The first step is to shop only with reputable companies, especially when buying electronic gifts. If you’re shopping online, be sure to check out reseller ratings and product reviews. If you’re shopping in an electronics shop or discount store, always ask if items are new, if they are closeouts, or if they have been refurbished.

Something else to keep in mind is innovative new technology. Do some research or ask a knowledgeable sales representative about any soon to be released technologies. This way, you can better ensure that your electronic gifts will be compatible with other components and will not instantly become outdated. If you find an electronic item on sale at an extraordinarily low price, it may be a good indicator that the product is quickly becoming obsolete.


If your electronic gifts require shipping, it is generally wise to pay a little more for shipping and handling insurance and to keep your receipts. Electronic gifts tend to be fragile and you don’t want them to arrive damaged. If they do not arrive in acceptable condition, you’ll be able to get a refund or a replacement if your purchases are insured.

It is also very important to examine the details of the warranty carefully, and to note the life of the warranty, when buying electronic gifts. If you purchase electronic gifts early in the holiday season, the warranty may expire before they are opened on Christmas morning. This is a special concern for trendy items, which have not been around as long as typical televisions, cameras, video games, and stereos, as well as items manufactured by fairly new companies. Make sure you’ll be able to return electronic gifts if they aren’t satisfactory.

Product registration and rebates are other important elements. Many types of electronics must be registered immediately to activate the warranty. Some items may also include mail-in rebates, which must be executed in the allotted time frame. As you can see, attention to detail is imperative when buying electronic gifts.



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Where can I find really unique electronic gifts? I am not looking for mp3 players or video game consoles. I want to find a cray alarm clock or some kind of desktop robot. Is there any place where I can find electronic gifts that no one else has?

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@Belted - That is true but, if you are willing to brave Black Friday you really can find some good deals. My wife and I left our kids with Grandma last year and decided to brave the stores first thing in the morning.

It was a madhouse but we did save a lot of money and were able to get a big part of our Christmas shopping out of the way early.

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It is important to remember that Christmas time might actually be the worst time of year to buy electronic gifts. A lot of stores will advertise huge discounts on a few things while marking up the prices of everything else. It takes a careful shopper to avoid getting gouged.

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