What Should I Consider When Buying Chrome Rims?

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Chrome rims are purchased to enhance the appearance of a car or truck. The use of chrome increases the luster and shine of the rims in contrast to the black tires. Rims are another name for wheel hubs and they come in a wide range of designs and styles.

When buying chrome rims, there are three things to consider: wheel size, pattern and price. All rims comply with government and safety regulations surrounding thickness strength and size. It is up to the purchaser to ensure that the rims are compatible with the tire axle and breaks.

Wheel size is critical to the selection of chrome rims. As with all custom rims, it is important to ensure that the tire size is compatible with the vehicle. It is possible to attached rims that are one size smaller or three sizes larger than the standard wheel dimensions provided by the manufacturer.

If the wheels are a different dimension than the rims, it is important to have the speedometer adjusted. The speedometer will provide the wrong speed, as the speed calculation assumes a specific tire size is in use. Read the weight-bearing capacity of the wheels to determine the suitability of the chrome rims for your vehicle.


Chrome rims come in a wide range of patterns, suitable for any type of vehicle. There are different patterns of wheel spokes, designs where the hubcap spins inside the wheel itself and hubcaps with lights. The chrome itself can be shaped into patterns and images as required by the client.

These types of rims are part of a customization package for your vehicle. Chrome rims range in price from $65 to $2,000 US Dollars (USD) each. Special tires are needed to complete the look. These tires range in price between $65 and $250 USD. Plan these changes over an extended period of time to ensure you have sufficient funds to pay for these items.

When purchasing chrome rims, take the time to review the different styles available and select one that will enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Repeating a design theme or element from the vehicle itself adds to the visual balance of the vehicle. Look at magazines, catalogs and websites for inspiration and ideas.

Avoid selecting rim patterns that are shown in music videos or movies. By the time they are available in the consumer market, the look may be outdated. Instead, look for a design that holds visual appeal to you.



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