What Should I Consider When Buying Cat Toys?

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Cat toys are a must for every cat. When buying cat toys, your cat's personality and your budget are the two main considerations. The pet industry has all kinds of cat toys to suit every human's finances as well as every feline's fantasy.

Mouse toys range from super tiny to those of nearly rat-like proportions. Smaller sized mice are perfect cat toys for batting around even by the littlest kitten, while large pet toys often suit full grown cats with a more aggressive personality. Mouse toys can range from under $1.00 US Dollar (USD) to up to $5.00 USD for a more fancy mouse. For example, some kinds of mouse toys have a computer chip inside them. The chip allows the mouse to make a realistic squeaking sound when touched and some cats find this type of cat toy especially intriguing.

Catnip mice and other cat toys containing a catnip scent are popular with nearly all cats. Catnip is often a great way of motivating older or more sedentary cats into getting more exercise since catnip often makes cats roll around, run and play more. Some cat toys have Velcro closures to allow them to be refilled with fresh catnip.


Cat toys are available in many different materials such as knits, cloth, real fur, fleece, rope and leather. If your cat tends to bite, chew or claw his or her toys a lot, you may want to consider buying cat toys made in tough materials such as rope and leather so that the pet toys last longer. It is a good idea to always check new cat toys for any small parts your cat might eat before you present him or her with the new toy.

Cloth, plastic, or rubber balls can also be fun cat toys. Some cats seem to enjoy them a great deal, while others seem to leave them alone. These balls are usually inexpensive, so you can buy one or two to see how your feline feels about them. Soft cloth balls, foam bouncy balls and plastic balls with bells inside are just a few of the options that can be batted and chased. Feather or other cat toys attached to a string are also great for both you and your cat as you can both run and get exercise while playing together.

It is best to keep cat toys with strings out of the cat's reach when he or she is alone as some cats eat string-like objects. If your cat will be alone for some of the day it is a good idea to have toys he or she can play with safely when you are not there. Buying and then bringing home new cat toys every now and then can be fun for you and your cat!



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