What Should I Consider When Buying Business Magnets?

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Business magnets have been shown to be an effective marketing strategy. Lots of people use magnets on their refrigerators, and this means that business owners can get a great deal of promotion every time someone in a home goes to the fridge to get anything. They are certainly longer lasting than are flyers, business cards or postcards, though they’re also more expensive to purchase.

If a business owner is considering purchasing business magnets, she’ll have lots of things to think about. First among these is where to get them. There may be small or large local print shops that will make magnets to a variety of specifications. However one place many people search is on the Internet, where there are numerous companies that create personal and business magnets.

Some companies offer pre-designed templates, and this may be acceptable when a company doesn’t want to design its own magnets. However, many businesses have logos that they’d like to incorporate into the magnet, or they may have a special shape or design in mind that will make the magnets stand out more on a fridge. Another reason for creating a custom design is that this will help ensure business magnets purchased don’t resemble anyone else’s magnets. Custom designs may require extra cost, and budgetary considerations determine the degree to which this cost is affordable.


When an organization does decide to use a custom design, they should take into consideration the degree to which this design will be eye-catching without disrupting the décor of most people’s kitchens. It’s impossible to always guess how colors or patterns may go with every kitchen design, but creating attractive magnets that people will want to look at makes good sense. Many business magnets have a simple or single color background, and numerous ones are white. Since a lot of fridges are white too, people may want to choose a slightly different background color that will “pop out” from most fridges instead of blending into them.

A company should decide what details they’ll want featured on business magnets, after they’ve determined shape, size, color, and whether to custom design or use a template. At minimum, relevant contact information should be included on each magnet. Things that definitely belong are the name of the company, it’s address, phone number, and possibly website address and email address. Essentially, the company should give the consumer as many ways as possible to contact it, in readable print; thus font choice and size are important too.

There are many printing companies that will print small batches of business magnets for low expense, less than $20 US Dollars (USD) for about 20 magnets. When a company is unsure about the quality of the magnets produced, they might want to order a small number first before ordering the magnets in a large batch. If satisfied with the results, ordering magnets in bulk usually saves quite a bit of money. A company should decide how they plan to distribute magnets and the size of their customer base when placing a large batch order, so they won’t order too many or too few.



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