What Should I Consider When Buying a Bra?

Buying a bra can be an exciting experience, especially for eager young girls who consider training bras to be their entry into womanhood. However, lingerie stores are fraught with confused women and frustrated sales personnel, turning a fun day of bra-shopping into a harrowing nightmare. Given the broad selection of bra styles from various designers and manufacturers, it is no wonder then that buying a bra has become a headache for most women.

When buying a bra, it is important to consider these four key factors:

1. Good size for comfort. This is the first and most crucial point in your bra purchase. Seventy percent of women wear bras that fit their breasts and bodies poorly, causing discomfort and pain after prolonged wear. You can measure your bra size from the comfort of your own home to avoid making a scene at the fitting rooms later on. Remember that there are two components that make up a bra size – the band size, which is denoted by a number in inches, and the cup size, which is indicated by a letter. Once you know your bra size, you can walk into any lingerie store more confidently, selecting only those designs that come in your size.

2. The right type for the right occasion. Bra designers have put a lot of thought into the needs of women, which is why there are close to 20 types of bras available in stores today. These bras come in various shapes, with many strap and hook designs, and are intended to provide maximum comfort and style in any situation. To limit the scope of your search, it is best for you to determine the occasion for which you are buying a bra. For instance, if you are a regular gym member, you might want to purchase a sports bra. If you are entertaining in a lovely tube dress that reveals your shoulders, you may want to consider buying a bra with removable straps.

3. Be a material girl. When buying a bra, know that bras come in various materials or fabrics, such as cotton, lycra, leather and lace. Again, comfort should be foremost in your mind, with style coming in a close second. Remember that each material serves a distinct purpose.

For example, lycra is mostly used in sports bras to provide the snug fit that women require during a heavy workout. Lace grazes the skin sensually and is more appropriate for sexy bras. Bras are also designed in many colors and prints to suit the season. For instance, buying a bra in sunny colours with wildflower prints is a good choice for summer.

4. Flexible budget as an investment. With numerous designer labels and brand name bras in the stores, buying a bra can indeed burn a hole in your pocket. Once you know the size, type and material of bra that you wish to buy, set aside an appropriate budget for your purchase. Bear in mind that spending some money on a good set of bras is an investment for your ultimate comfort, health and well-being. Cheap bras may go easy on your purse, but it will cost you later when you have back pains and muscle aches as a result of insufficient breast support. Buying a bra during sales season can give you what you want at a reasonable price.

Buying a bra should be a wonderful adventure that you giggle over with your girlfriends. Just keep these four factors in mind during bra-shopping to help you find the perfect bra to fit your body and your needs. Happy shopping!


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