What Should I Consider During Post Holiday Sales?

Post holiday sales frequently offer opportunities to obtain items, many holiday or gift related items, at huge savings. Often times, products are marked 50% off or more, which can lure even those still weary from holiday shopping to their favorite stores to examine post holiday sales. While holiday trends change from year to year, there are enough traditional items available that savvy shoppers can locate great bargains on items for future holiday celebrations.

Knowing that the opportunity is there to save a lot of money, many shoppers rush out to buy what is left of the recent season’s surplus. They attack post holiday sales much like they would attack Black Friday sales. Many will buy gifts for next Christmas or upcoming birthdays, gift-wrap, cards, bows, artificial Christmas trees, candy and decorations. However, it is important to remember that making purchases with credit cards may negate the original savings. If a consumer continues making only the minimum monthly payment, the entire 50% off or more may be eaten up in finance charges before the items are paid off.


Another issue is recalls. There are times when an item hits the market just before a holiday and it may not be recalled before large quantities are purchased. The vast number of holiday items being offered can slow down the recall process. Before making purchases at post holiday sales, it is a good idea to look for, or even print out, recall lists. Bring the list with you to the store.

Something else to keep in mind is that it’s easy to overdo it at post holiday sales. With so many items marked half off or offering even greater savings, it’s tempting to overbuy just because the bargains are so good. Remember that something isn’t a value if you don’t use it. Try to buy only what you can use or share.

Also, consider the fact that you will have to make room for all your bargains when you get home from the post holiday sales. Even if extra large, pre-lit Christmas trees were 80% off, where are you going to put three of them? Buy one and tell a friend.

Remember that most items marked down for post holiday sales are considered clearance items. You may not be able to return them. This is another good reason to avoid overbuying. Also, make sure the items aren’t damaged and being sold “as is.” Some stores may allow exchanges for damage but will not provide a refund. It is important to know and understand return policies concerning post holiday sales, before you begin filling your shopping cart.



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