What Should I Consider before I Buy a Parrot?

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There are many things to consider before you buy a parrot. Parrots require a good deal of care to thrive as pets. To be healthy and happy indoors, they need specific foods, toys, living spaces, and the long-term commitment of a pet owner. Before buying a parrot, it is usually best to consider how much time and care you are willing to dedicate to it, as these birds require cage cleanings, space in your home, frequent feedings, and plenty of one-on-one interaction. Many experts also recommended considering the cost of owning a parrot as well as the type of facility from which to obtain it.

Your level of dedication to the happiness and well-being of a pet is one of the most important things to consider before you buy a parrot. It is especially important that you consider the length of the commitment you will need to make to this type of pet, as healthy parrots can live for decades. They are intelligent animals and require outside stimulation of their brains to stay healthy, so it is recommended that you play with and socialize with a parrot every day. A lack of stimulation can cause a parrot to develop habits that lead to its own injury.


It is also important to consider the money you are willing to spend before you buy a parrot. Parrots can be expensive, and they require adequate space in which to live. Depending on the breed of parrot, you may need to dedicate a large space to this pet and secure a large cage. Before choosing the breed you want, you may benefit from researching the living space requirements of the breed.

The business from which you buy a parrot is also an important consideration. Purchasing a parrot from a breeder is often the most cost-effective route, and buying from a breeder may make it easier to ensure that your pet is free of disease. Shopping at a local pet store, however, is often more convenient because breeders are frequently located in more remote areas. Pet store parrots are often more likely to carry disease and can be more expensive, requiring a much higher initial investment when you consider the cost of a cage and accessories. If you do choose to buy from a pet store, you may do well to select one with a good reputation for caring for pets and a willingness to provide a health warranty.



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