What is Workplace Violence Training?

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Sadly, violence in the workplace is an all too common crime in the world of business. Irate customers and competitors, squabbling co-workers, and even domestic disputes can cause potentially violent situations that endanger both the physical and mental health of employees. In order to help workers better prepare for incidents of violence at their place of business, some companies offer workplace violence training. Through this training, employees can learn to recognize signs of potential or escalating violence and act appropriately to protect themselves and those around them from harm.

Workplace violence training usually covers a broad range of issues that can lead to violence. Sexual harassment, office bullying, threats from former co-workers and even marital problems are often considered warning signs of violence. Sometimes, workplace violence is combined with sensitivity training in order to stem the tide of potentially violent outbreaks between co-workers. By learning to respect, if not necessarily like, co-workers, a considerable amount of violence can be avoided.


Recognizing the signs of an escalating situation is a key to workplace violence training. Workplace violence training can teach employees to be aware of conditions and actions that may signal a dangerous situation. Often, people do not wish to believe that a co-worker, client, or even client's spouse or relative would be capable of a violent attack. By giving employees workplace violence training, they can learn strategies to not only recognize danger but to act in a manner that will not make them look foolish or impolite.

Because violence in the business world is a common occurrence, there are a variety of workplace violence training programs to suit the needs of both large and small companies. Handbooks, seminars, retreats, and suggested guidelines are all different ways of making the workplace safer for employees and for business. If a violent crime has occurred in the workplace, some training organizations can also counsel workers about the issue and try to ensure that a feeling of safety and security is re-established.

Workplace violence training can certainly save lives, but can also save a company millions of dollars in lawsuits. If training is not implemented on all levels of command, it can be seen as negligence if a violent crime occurs. By neglecting to provide a safe and secure workplace, it is possible to be held liable for any damage done to a worker as a result of a violent attack. Some companies may have a humanitarian desire to keep their workers safe, but preventing potential lawsuits may warm even the coldest hearts to the idea of workplace violence training.



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