What is Whole House Water Filtration?

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The whole house water filtration system can be used to purify water entering the home. These units are often installed where the water initially enters the plumbing system. When water is filtered before entering the home's plumbing, every room is supplied with cleaned water, without the need for additional purification units on faucets or taps.

The whole house water filtration unit is often installed at the point in the plumbing system where the water supply is split between lines that supply water to the hot water heater and the taps. This means only the water used in the home will be filtered, and not that supplied to outdoor faucets. The division of plumbing lines that supply indoor and outdoor water often occurs under the home, or within the foundation, which can make filtering outdoor water difficult.

The contaminants in the water supply can determine the type of whole house water filtration system needed. The most common contaminants are sediment, chemicals, and iron. Sediment can be easily removed by the typical water filter commonly used in the purification process. Chemicals are often removed with activated carbon. One of the most common chemicals found in water is chlorine, because it may be used as a disinfectant in public water systems. If it is not eliminated with the sediment, iron may need to be removed with a special oxidizing filter.

The typical whole house water filtration unit takes water through a four-stage cleaning process. These include filtration, atomization and activated carbon filtration in both the third and fourth steps. Once the water is passed through these phases, it is pumped through the home plumbing system to the faucets.

When choosing a whole house water filtration system it can be important to buy a unit that is the right size for the home. If the water usage in the home is high, smaller water purifiers may not be able to supply enough water to keep up with the demand. Other important specifications can include the filter size, filter life, and port size.

The larger the filter and longer its life, the less maintenance the whole house water filtration unit may need. Investing in reusable filters is also an option that can be considered for homes that use a lot of water. The port size can help reduce the chance of pressure loss in the home at times of peak water use. The optimal port size may be one inch (2.5 cm), depending on the size of the home.


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