What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of insurance coverage that helps to offset expenses that may occur when some type of mishap or misfortune threatens to negatively impact a wedding and subsequent celebration at the reception. Insurance of this type can be obtained for relatively reasonable rates and helps to provide a great deal of peace of mind. It is important to note that not all wedding insurance policies cover any and all types of mishaps, making it necessary to carefully consider which events are and are not covered by the policy provisions.

In general, wedding insurance provides some degree of protection in the event of some unforeseen event that could create severe problems. Weather protection is one provision that is often included in the basic coverage. Should inclement weather make it necessary to delay the wedding for a day or two, the insurance coverage will often cover the expenses involved with the rescheduling process, including paying any fees or charges assessed by the facilities where the wedding is to take place.


There are a number of other provisions within various wedding insurance plans that may be helpful in certain circumstances. One example is the loss of the bridal gown or the groom’s tuxedo while en route to the location of the wedding. Should an airline or railway lose the gown or tux, resulting in the gown being unavailable at the scheduled time for the wedding, the insurance coverage can provide resources that help to provide replacements for the lost items. Some policies will also go as far as to provide similar protection in the event that bridesmaid dresses or formal attire for the groomsmen are also lost in transit.

Certain wedding insurance policies will also help to defray wedding expenses in the event that the bride or groom becomes ill or is involved in an accident prior to the wedding, making it impossible to hold the event on the originally specified date and time. Here, the coverage helps to offset the costs of rescheduling the event, including defraying cancellation costs associated with services provided by florists, wedding planners, facilities and any other usual expenses associated with the event. Depending on the terms found in the policy, the insurance might also provide resources to help secure a new location for the wedding if the original one is not available on the desired rescheduled wedding date.

While wedding insurance will cover a number of unforeseen events, there are a few situations that are highly unlikely to be covered by any wedding policy. Most plans do not cover cancellation of the event because the bride or groom determine they do not want to go through with the ceremony. In addition, providers of wedding insurance are unlikely to approve claims when it can be ascertained that the insured parties were aware of a particular factor that was highly likely to occur and possibly impact the wedding, and chose to secure coverage for that factor in spite of that knowledge.



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