What is Vision Therapy for Children?

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Vision therapy for children involves of strengthening the eye muscles and correcting vision problems without surgery. It can be used to train the eyes to heal themselves, so that there is no further need for other treatments. Exercise techniques and specific tools can be used to improve vision. These strengthening techniques should be learned at a young age, to avoid vision problems in the future.

The specific treatments of vision therapy for children vary depending on the case. Typically, a vision therapist and a medical doctor collaborate to diagnose patients and determine what each young patient needs. Specialized computer programs and eye filters can be used to increase muscle strength, but these therapies can also help to train the areas of the brain that control vision.

Strabismus is a visual disorder in which one or both of the eyes cannot focus on a single object. This is referred to as crossed eyes or a lazy eye. The muscles are unable to work together and focusing on two separate objects causes confusion within the brain. Common reasons for this are birth defects, damage or injuries to the eye or retina, or a brain or eye tumor. Vision therapy for children can help to eradicate strabismus by strengthening the muscles surrounding the eye, so the child can have better control over what he sees.


Routine eye examinations cannot always identify a vision problem in children. In fact, a child with 20/20 vision may still have problems with focusing on an object and depth perception. These types of troubles with vision can be hard to detect. This is why vision therapy for children includes an array of tests to pinpoint specific vision problems, making them easier to treat.

Vision therapy for children uses many techniques and tools to improve vision. Computer programs, optical filters, and eye patches are all used with this therapy. A complete therapy program also generally includes eye muscle exercises. Many optometrists believe that vision therapy for children can help with vision difficulties. Other eye doctors believe in more convention methods, such as eye glasses or surgery to correct these types of problems.



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