What Is Vegan Lip Balm?

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Vegan lip balm is a type of lip conditioner that does not contain any animal by-products. Ordinary lipsticks and lip moisturizers often contain ingredients that are derived from animals, such as animal fats, but vegan lip products will only contain ingredients that come from non-animal sources. The ingredients used in this type of lip balm generally include wax, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, essential oils, and other types of hydrating moisturizers. People who use vegan lip balm may choose to do so for health or ethical reasons.

Lip balm is typically used to relieve dryness and to add moisture and shine to the lips. Those who suffer from cracked or weathered lips can also benefit from the use of a lip moisturizer. A vegan lip product does not contain the animal fats that many other types of products use and tends to include various types of all-natural oils. The most popular oils used in vegan lip balms are palm oil, hempseed oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. Other ingredients used may include candelilla wax, rosemary extract, jojoba oil, and essential oils.


Many of these lip balms will also contain fragrance or flavor. Popular flavors generally include mint, vanilla, banana, mandarin orange, strawberry, or other fruity flavors. Often times, SPF will also be included to protect the lips from sun damage. Most vegan lip balm is packaged inside of a retractable tube that makes application convenient and easy. It may also be packaged inside of a small pot, however, and users will need to apply the balm using their fingers.

Vegan lip moisturizer may apply as a clear coat to the lips, or may also contain a small amount of color. Many products will contain ingredients that add shine and luster to the lips, as well. Those who use lip balms and other lip conditioners may choose to use a lip color or gloss on top of the balm or may choose to wear the balm alone. Using a lip balm under lipstick or gloss will help protect the lips and will add extra moisture, if needed.

Although many people decide to purchase vegan lip balm, there are versions that can be made at home using relatively simple ingredients. Those who decide to make their own balms may do so for cost reasons, or for greater control over what ingredients are used in the product. Most vegan lip balm contains several types of oils, wax, and other natural ingredients that can be found in supermarkets or natural food stores.



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