What is Vectical&Reg; Ointment?

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Vectical® ointment is a prescription drug approved for the treatment of plaque psoriasis. This ointment is applied to the skin to soothe psoriasis outbreaks and to provide long-term control. Dermatologists and general practitioners can prescribe Vectical® ointment for patients who may benefit from it after a physical examination and discussion of patient history. The drug is manufactured by Galderma Laboratories and is available at most pharmacies. In some cases, it may be necessary to order the drug specially for a patient, in which case it can take a few days for a prescription to be ready.

This drug is made with calcitriol, a form of vitamin D3 that can be absorbed through the skin. When people apply Vectical® ointment, it stimulates the increased production of skin cells to promote healing of areas where plaque psoriasis is occurring. The drug has been tested to confirm that it is safe for use on sensitive skin folds and will not cause skin irritation, a common problem for some psoriasis patients.

Psoriasis is a very common condition in populations all over the world. This condition is chronic, so one of the biggest challenges in treating it involves developing medications that can safely be used for an extended time. Prolonged use of some medications can lead to the development of complications for the patient. Extended testing of Vectical® ointment conducted before the medication was approved for use seems to suggest that it is safe for extended use.


The drug is only approved in patients with mild to moderate plaque psoriasis. For patients with severe psoriasis characterized by symptoms like open sores, Vectical® ointment is not safe for use. It can also conflict with phototherapy used to treat skin conditions and can interact with certain medications. Patients with high levels of calcium in their blood can also be at risk of complications when using Vectical® ointment. It is important to thoroughly review history with a doctor before using this medication to confirm that it is appropriate and safe.

As with other prescriptions, it is important to follow storage and usage directions. When Vectical® ointment is prescribed, patients may want to ask why the medication is being prescribed and request detailed instructions on its use. A pharmacist can provide information about how to store the medication. Failure to follow directions may mean that the ointment is not as effective and the patient's psoriasis may not clear up as fully as it could if the medication was being used appropriately.



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