What Is Tuna Lasagna?

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Tuna lasagna is a dish similar in structure to traditional lasagna, but it is made with canned tuna fish and generally does not include tomato sauce. A lasagna is a layered dish, made up of layers of cheese, pasta, sauce, and often includes a filling of ground meat or vegetables. In tuna lasagna, the ground meat or vegetables are replaced with tuna fish. This dish is similar to a tuna casserole, but generally is a bit larger and denser. Tuna casserole generally does not include layers, or pasta; all the ingredients are simply mixed together.

There are a number of different recipes for tuna lasagna to be found online, and they can be customized to match an individual's taste preferences. The recipe will certainly call for lasagna noodles as well as a few cans of tuna, usually solid white tuna in water rather than oil, which is healthier and has a less "fishy" taste than some other types. Cottage cheese is a common ingredient, rather than the ricotta found in traditional lasagnas; grated cheddar cheese may be added as well. Some recipes call for additional ingredients such as cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, and/or milk to create a sauce in order to prevent the dish from becoming dry. It may be necessary to prepare and cook the sauce and cheese mixture separately, and people often choose to add spices such as onion and garlic for more flavor.


In most cases, it will be necessary to first boil the lasagna noodles. Unlike traditional lasagnas, where the tomato sauce might make it possible to use lasagna noodles that don't need to be boiled, tuna lasagna will require pre-cooked noodles. The same ingredients will then be added to each layer until it reaches the top of the pan. For instance, in the ingredients listed above, the dish would usually begin with a layer of sauce, followed by a layer of noodles, then the tuna and cheese mixture and a bit more sauce. The specific order of layering the ingredients is not a big deal, but it's important to put sauce on each layer for the most flavor.

The cook will then need to bake the tuna lasagna in the oven to ensure it is heated through, and it should then be served hot. It generally makes a great deal of food, making it a good option to take to potluck dinners or other types of community events. This dish can also freeze fairly well to be reheated later; freezing individual portions might be more convenient idea than freezing the whole thing.



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